Prison Profiteers

Multiple companies profit from incarceration. The purpose of these pages is to make these companies visible and accountable for their actions and business interests. This website is not intended to encourage illegal activity of any kind. Companies details are listed for the purpose of readers making informative and polite communications with the companies listed.

Contacting Companies

We strongly encourage individuals and groups to email, call, fax or visit companies engaged in prison expansion and the prison industrial complex. Many are not aware of the real impacts of prison and we would encourage you to contact them politely to inform and remind them how they are harming people and communities.

Companies involved in the four new ‘megaprisons’ (Port Talbot, Full Sutton, Wigan and Rochester)


Mace recently won a £1.3 billion government deal to build the four new ‘megaprisons’, at Port Talbot in South Wales, Full Sutton in Yorkshire, Wigan in Greater Manchester and Rochester in Kent.

Contacting Mace

Mace, 155 Moorgate, London, EC2M 6XB
Tel +44 (0) 20 3522 3000

Mace, 3rd Floor East, Eastgate, Castle Street, Castlefield, Manchester M3 4LZ

+44 (0)161 835 3565


Mace, 64A Queen Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4NA

+44 (0)131 240 1530


Bryden Wood

Bryden Wood is the architects firm that agreed with the government in 2016 to design the four new prisons.

Contacting Bryden Wood

100 Gray’s Inn Road,



Phone 020 7253 4772


Companies involved in the North Wales Prison Project

Lend Lease

LendLease_ALL_WIPLend Lease is the main construction contractor for the North Wales Prison. Lend Lease is a multinational property and infrastructure company headquartered in Australia. They have built several huge, well-known developments in the UK, including Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent.

As well as being a Tory Party donor, Lend Lease recently attained notoriety when it was fined $54 million after a three year investigation by the FBI that proved that they had defrauded the public purse whilst working on projects in New York including the 9/11 Memorial and Grand Central Station.

Lend Lease and Prison Construction

While boasting of its positive impacts on communities, Lend Lease has been developing a cross-continental prison portfolio. Exploiting public-private finance initiatives in different countries, Lend Lease have been able to ride a prison-building wave, as intensive lobbying leads to growing prison populations.

One of their largest projects was the Northern Territory Secure Facilities (NTSF) project, a 495 million Australian dollar correctional facility near Darwin.

They have also built countless courts and other state infrastructure.

Contacting Lend Lease

20 Triton Street
Regent’s Place
London NW1 3BF
Tel 020 3430 9000
Fax 020 3430 9001

The Venus, 3rd Floor, 1 Old Park Lane, Trafford M41 7HG
Tel 0161 254 1700

1st Floor Cornwall House, 31 Lionel Street, Birmingham, West Midlands B3 1AP
Tel 0121 214 1535

You can also find international contact details here.

Contacting Key People involved in the Project

We encourage you to send polite emails and communications to the following individuals spearheading the North Wales Prison:

  • CEO Chief Executive Officer, International Operations, Dan Labbad
  • Chief Financial Officer, Victoria Quintan
  • Jonathan Harrison, Lead Design Manager and Project Lead
  • Teresa Sykes, Procurement Manager
  • Nigel McKay, Head of Procurement and Supply Chain

You can also email:

Jonathan Harrison, Lead Design Manager and Project Lead
Jonathan Harrison, Lead Design Manager and Project Lead
Chief Executive Officer, International Operations
Chief Executive Officer, International Operations, Dan Labbad

Companies involved in the North Wales Prison Project

Find companies involved in the North Wales Prison Project by region. Please use this information to politely contact them or demonstrate at their offices: