Yorkshire Campaign Against Prisons

Yorkshire Campaign Against Prisons (YCAP) is a grassroots coalition made up of people from across Yorkshire, focussed on opposing the mega-prison at Full Sutton, East Yorkshire. The current focus is on generating objections to the planning applications, which you can do here: https://cape-campaign.org/stop-the-new-mega-prison-in-yorkshire-object-today

YCAP organised a brunch to support people in writing objections to the prison and have organised numerous other public events to educate people about the prison industrial complex, most recently presenting the Prison Island report. The group connects with national prisoner support campaigns, such as the movement
against indeterminate ‘IPP’ sentences and has produced literature criticising the new prison and the wider prison system. They organise strategically with people from the village of Full Sutton, who oppose the prison for different reasons.

The group is keen to expand and network with other abolitionists across Yorkshire and is very active on social media.

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