We all deserve safety: resisting police, prison + secure schools

Every day, we see headlines about knife crime, gangs and violence. But the only solutions offered by the government are more police, more prisons, even “secure schools” for children. But what do we really need to keep our communities safe?
Rates of racist street harassment have increased by more than 10% since 2016. Black Caribbean students are permanently excluded from schools at a rate of 3 times that of white students. Incidences of domestic violence killings are at a 5 year high. There have been over 1700 deaths in police custody since 1990.

The criminal justice system is harming our communities, and yet Boris Johnson’s government is pouring money into policies which will intensify the criminalisation and imprisonment of Black, brown and poor people through the expansion of mega prisons and ‘secure schools’. He seeks to profit from a climate of fear, while marginalised groups remain vulnerable to state violence and unsupported in the face of interpersonal violence.

Join our panelists as we explore the devastating impacts prison expansion, community policing and secure schools will have on already vulnerable communities. Together we will discuss the work being done to resist new prisons and police powers. We will uproot notions of so-called ‘crime’ and violence and consider what we really need to build safe and resilient communities.

The venue is wheelchair is accessible. If you have any further access needs please get in touch and we will do our best to meet them.

The event is free but we will be accepting donations and selling prison abolition posters – so please bring some cash if you can!

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