VIDEO – We can’t take another prison at Full Sutton


A large scale prison development is proposed to take place on a greenfield site at the edge of Full Sutton’s existing prison, which will, say some locals, cause huge disruption to the peaceful village community.

It is proposed that the new development will be over three times the size of the current facility, which they say is completely unsuitable for the village’s unsustainable and predominantly rural location,

It’s said that the small country lanes are totally inadequate to accommodate even small increases in traffic that will be caused by prison employees and transport movements, along with significant harm to the character and infrastructure of the surrounding area, road widening would almost certainly destroy ancient field boundaries.

The Parish Council and village residents are arguing that the proposed plans do not accord with local and national planning policies.

The prison site is in a remote location with limited transport links.

It would be heavily reliant on vehicular transport, which will have a negative impact on traffic due to the already congested local roads.

This large and imposing development would also ruin the character and appearance of Full Sutton and the surrounding area.

The existing prison is only two stories high, but many of the new buildings are proposed to be four, which will it’s claimed will cause significant light pollution and dominate the landscape for miles around.

Residents who live nearby feel that their homes will be overlooked and ruined by the prison’s fortress like appearance, and will be unable to escape the 24 hour light glare and noise.

One of the biggest worries for the Full Sutton community is the impact of the increased numbers of prisoners, employees, and visitors to the village.

Facilities such as health and policing are already under strain in the local area, and the development would make this situation much worse.

Rupert Towers spokesman on behalf of the village, said:

“The Parish Council and village community are extremely distressed and angry about the proposed development of a Category C prison.

Its large size would completely ruin the village, and the location is completely wrong for this category of prison.

We feel that the effect would be an abuse of the community and strongly urge for the application to be refused.

The East Riding of Yorkshire County Council has confirmed that the application will be discussed at their planning meeting on 20th July 2017 and I  will attend on behalf of the village.