UPDATE: Consultation to Oppose Bucks Prison Extended

The Ministry of “Justice” has extended the deadline to submit objections to plans to build a mega-prison in Buckinghamshire. Make it your New Years Resolution to stop these plans before they even get started & take action, NOW!

Tweet @MoJGovUK Draft tweet: “I am against constructing a new prison in Buckinghamshire because it will increase state violence against criminalized communities including BIPOC, people with disabilities, poor and unsheltered people, sex workers, LGBTQIA2S+ people and survivors of domestic violence”

Fill out the consultation & voice your objections here:


You don’t need to leave your name, email or any other personal details!

READ some suggestions and ideas for objections here.

Image description: 2021 is written in a golden font above the words “New Years Resolution:” in black block letters over what looks like a stripe of red paint. Underneath, the words “No New Prison in Buckinghamshire” are written in a black, type-writer style font. Consultation extended to 29 January 2021 is written in red block letters below. An image of a prison is in the background. A golden silhouette of a person is overlaid on top holding a megaphone. The words “The Ministry of “Justice” extended the consultation. Nothing is set in stone. Anything is possible.” are written on a light grey box in the bottom right-hand corner.