Stop the new Wigan ‘Super’ Prison Organising Meeting

Where? Little Fifteen Wigan 17-19 Wallgate, WN1 1LD Wigan

When? 18th of April at 19:30–21:00

Community Action on Prison Expansion and Manchester No Prisons along with local concerned Wigan and Greater Manchester residents are mobilising to fight this prison. Please attend this organising meeting and get involved in the fight! All welcome!


The Justice Secretary Liz Truss has announced that four new “supersized” mega-prisons, with a combined capacity of at least 5000, are now earmarked for construction. One of those sites is in Wigan in the site of HMP Hindley. This will mean a strain on local services and instead millions of pounds invested in the prison that could be spent on local health and social care, education, housing and welfare.

Prison expansion will not reduce crime. Prison expansion will not reduce the reasons people commit crime. Prison expansion will not help reduce trauma and harm. However, prison expansion will further damage communities already suffering from cruel cuts to local and national support services. It will continue to break people, and allow deep social problems to be hidden in cages.

When the government claims that there is no money available for front-line services, and then finds over a billion pounds for new mega-prisons, it is hypocrisy. More crucially, it is not an answer. Even by their own standards, prison is an ineffective way to prevent re-offending. And the US clearly shows us that mass incarceration is a toxic and devastating policy.

Instead of building prisons, why don’t we build our capacity to support people? Rather than shutting down provision for homelessness, addiction and domestic abuse, why don’t we expand them? Rather than selling prisons as ‘new jobs’, why don’t we create more meaningful employment that allows communities to actually support each other? Prisons profit from the super-cheap labour of inmates, which they then offer to businesses – this undercuts wages in the local area.