Public Meeting about the New Prison in Rochester

When: Thursday April 27th 2017,  7 – 9pm

Where: Rochester Community Hub, Eastgate, ME1 1EW

Why: The government has announced plans to build six new ‘megaprisons’ in England and Wales, creating at least 10,000 new prison allocations.

One of those sites will be in Rochester, replacing the Young Offenders Institution currently on the site located next to HMP Cookham Wood.

The development is part of the government’s £1.3 billion programme to transform the prison estate. These new megaprisons will be the location of outsourced prison labour, similar to that of the US prison system.

This new prison will be built with a factory inside it. What does it mean for the area to have super low waged prison work undercutting people’s wages?

This has and will lead to further job redundancies and lay- offs due to companies such as Cisqo and Thimpson LTD preferring a cheap, controllable prison workforce, spending less money than they would if they paid workers minimum wage.

We want to talk about what can be done to challenge this new prison in Rochester. Come along! All welcome!