Pies not Prisons, Wigan

Pies Not Prisons is a campaign based in Wigan, Greater Manchester focussed on resisting the mega-prison at HMP Hindley, Wigan. While plans for the mega-prison are currently on hold, the group is ready to go should they come back into action.

Pies Not Prisons is supported by local trade unions, academics, JENGbA supporters and anti-asbestos campaigners as well as residents local to the prison and Manchester abolitionists. Concerns from the local community include austerity and the impact that the new mega-prison would have on local services (Wigan has had some of the worst cuts in the country), as well as asbestos in the current prison buildings, and the criminalisation of young working class people and people of colour through joint enterprise.

The group held several packed public meetings in Wigan town centre and local to the prison, flyered the local housing estate, demonstrated outside a council planning meeting, held an information stall at the Wigan Diggers festival (socialist festival), and leafleted Wigan Pride. Since the prison plans were postponed, members have been involved in setting up a community samba band supported by the trade union movement, which is ready to support the campaign when needed.

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