URGENT: Another opportunity to submit objections & stop the proposed Full Sutton Mega-Prison

Text from Sisters Uncut Leeds:

Please help us continue to object to the proposed mega-prison in Full Sutton!

Again we are asking you to object to the building of a ditch course, which is going to be built as part of the development of the site, to turn the land next to HMP Full Sutton into a “megaprison”.


This may seem unimportant as it is small in the grand scale of the construction of the prison, but we need to use any opportunity we have to make our voices heard and block the construction at EVERY turn. To delay even this small thing, will cost the MoJ money and time, and that is crucial in what will be a long fight.

Unfortunately unlike the previous one, this objection can’t be anonymous – to make a public comment you have to register with East Riding of Yorkshire Council website.

Go to > https://newplanningaccess.eastriding.gov.uk/newplanningaccess/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=neighbourComments&keyVal=QHW0GNBJI6I00

and then to the “comments” tab, where you can register or log in to make a comment.

We recommend writing your response in a separate document and copy-and-paste in as the portal times out quickly. 

If you have any questions, you can message Sisters Uncut Leeds or CAPE on instagram (@sistersuncutleeds or @no_more_prisons)

The Grounds for Objection: 


As well as no investigation into the contamination of the site, a freedom of information request by Corporate Watch has also showed that no formal decontamination of the site has taken place following it’s use as a storage site for nuclear weapons. This makes the site a potential health risk to anyone involved in excavating the ditch course, as well as all future prisoners.

A specialist radiological consultant needs to be commissioned before any planning application is approved to appraise radiological risks associated with historical uses, and to assess the contribution the ditch course could make to any radiological risks.


There has been a recent public consultation about this ditch excavation, but the site was only active for a total of NINE days.

The local residents say that they have had no direct communication regarding the consultation. One comment on the planning application says “This application demonstrates a lack of respect for the local community.”


The area where this ditch course will be built is currently valued for its local wildlife such as protected water voles and several species of fish.

This will all be destroyed if the ditch course is built, and ecological mitigation strategies have not been included in the planning application.


The land on which the prison and ditch course will be built has been identified as potentially contaminated due to its historical use as a ‘bomber airfield’.

The site has been marked as high priority for inspection, (thus will require an intrusive environmental investigation as part of the planning process) yet no such intrusive investigation has taken place, and the potentially contaminated materials could pose a risk to groundwater. The ditch course would increase this risk of contamination.