OBJECT to planning permission for Full Sutton Mega Prison

We have an opportunity to stop the mega prison being built at Full Sutton. 

Although East Riding of Yorkshire Council granted outline planning permission for the prison, they have now deferred a decision on some of the details of that plan, known as “reserved matters”. A new consultation is underway, specifically about the plans to build a ditch around the prison. 

This presents a new opportunity to lodge objections,but we only have until 21st February to make our objections heard! 

 Let’s support the brilliant efforts of the local community group who gathered almost 3000 objections to earlier proposals. Let’s flood them with objections! 

How to Object:

Link to Consultation is HERE: 


You are not required to give your name, where you live or any other personal information to submit your views. 

It takes only a few minutes to object. You can also send questions/objections directly to: 


You can find more information on the project here:


Objections you may want to include:

This consultation is specifically focused on the impact of the ditch that the MoJ wants to build around the prison, so our suggested objections will be directly in reference to this. However, this is also an opportunity to voice your concerns about a new prison being built more generally in Full Sutton, or anywhere at all.

Click here to read about the ethical arguments against building a new prison.

Objections specific to building the ditch:

Harm to the already endangered Water Vole

The plans for the new ditch will be insufficient to cater to the needs of the water vole population. This is particularly concerning as they are identified as a priority species under the UK Post-2010 Biodiversity Framework.  According to the People’s Trust for Endangered Species, “Water voles have undergone one of the most serious declines of any wild mammal in Britain during the 20th century.” As such, there is insufficient detail provided as to how water voles will be protected from further endangerment. 

Further, Water voles are protected in the UK under the Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1981. As such, the development of the prison in this area may contravene schedule 9 provision 4. Here,  the act  states that it is an offence if any person, “damages or destroys, or obstructs access to, any structure or place which any wild animal…use for shelter or protection; or disturbs any such animal while it is occupying a structure or a place which it uses for that purpose”. 

The process of building the mega-prison itself will cause significant damage to the water vole population. 

Environmental Damage and Possible Flooding 

The proposed ditch will be insufficient to prevent flooding in the area. It will not mitigate the increased flooding risk of a large built up area of the mega-prison. The proposed ditch will also fail to mitigate impacts to the water table in this area that will be caused by such a huge development. 

Altering the course of the ditch will be just one of many deeply harmful environmental impacts of continued development of this mega-prison.

The planning application notes there will be encroachment into two areas planned for landscape planting (both land on the western side, and where the west meets the south) during construction. Although after construction is done, this area can be planted, it is evident that damage may occur to these areas during construction because of the aforementioned encroachment. The negative impacts of construction on soil and planting opportunities is well-documented: https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/treecare/maintenance/construction_damage.html.

Furthermore, construction of this mega-prison will give off deeply worrying levels of carbon emissions, furthering the toxic impacts of climate change. As the world rapidly approaches 2 degrees of warming that the scientific community warns will make our planet uninhabitable for humans, it is time to scale back major construction projects, not push ahead with more of them. 

Reinforce the the Objections Made by The Parish Council

“Given the scale, complexity and controversial nature of the prison development, including the very extensive and vociferous objections to the project, we consider it inappropriate for the reserved matters to be dealt with in such a piecemeal manner.

Given that the national prison population is both running below capacity and following a downward trend, that several new prisons are either under construction or have been recently completed, and that outline approval for the plan was given in the face of very widespread objections, we suggest that every effort be made to achieve the best possible outcome for the community rather than rushing through a project to an arbitrarily determined timescale.

The prison will be present for decades to come, certainly the remaining lifetimes of those thousands of people who objected to it being built. As such, it would be more appropriate for the current matter to be considered at the same time as all the other reserved matters, after the public consultation that the community was promised when the prison development was granted outline planning approval. These matters, which will have long-lasting consequences, should be carefully and thoroughly considered.”

[taken from planning objection to the planning application 20/03340/STPLF, Excavation of Ditch Course, Land to The West of HM Prison Full Sutton, Moor Lane, Full Sutton, East Riding of Yorkshire, YO41 1PS]