No Carceral Charities Can Redeem Kier’s Public Image!

A few months ago, Mega Prison construction company Kier began a partnership with charity group “End Youth Homelessness”.

Kier are attempting to save their public image and hide their considerable financial losses over recent years. Kier has reported roughly 250 million pound losses in 2019 and 2020. Recent measurements show they have a 37% chance of bankruptcy.

Building Mega Prisons creates homelessness. Almost 40 per cent of people released from prison end up rough sleeping.

A charity supposedly committed to ending homelessness partnering with Kier is one example of the disturbing trend of charities propping up the prison profiteers responsible for mass incarceration.

Take Action NOW!

1) Send an email demanding End Youth Homelessness end their partnership with Kier

You can use our email tool [Link HERE] or copy & paste this draft email and send it to

Try to personalise it to avoid ending up in the spam folder.

Dear Sofia,

I am writing to inform you about some of the morally reprehensible projects that your partner, Kier Construction, are involved in and to advise End Youth Homelessness to stop working with them now, as their goals are directly harmful to the stated goals of End Youth Homelessness. 

Kier Construction are in the process of building a Mega-Prison in Wellingborough where more than a  thousand people will be incarcerated. As you may be aware, it is people marginalised by poverty, through racism, and through ableism who fill the prisons.

 As I am sure you are aware, the police and court systems target and harass people who are houseless, including young people, many of whom will end up inside prison. With new prisons being built, more people will be incarcerated in order to fill them. This may directly affect those who End Youth Homelessness is working with, especially as nearly 40% of people released from prison end up sleeping rough; the numbers of those ending up sleeping rough after serving sentences of less than six months in England and Wales increased by 25 times between October 2016 and June 2018.

This seems to present a direct contradiction to the goals of your charity. If you’re working to stop homelessness, why are you working with a corporation behind one of its root causes -prison? Additionally, please see this article by Corporate Watch for information on other heinous projects that Kier is involved in:

I believe that the integrity of your charity and public reputation is stake should you not take this information into account and take a holistic and intersectional analysis of how houseless or precariously housed people are impacted by the criminal justice system. I really hope you will interrogate your principles and understand that your association with Kier is mis-aligned, ill-advised and damaging to your mission, and hope you will go on to act accordingly and sever all ties with Kier. 

Thanks for reading,

2) Call Sofia Haque on 020 7423 6865 to let End Youth Homelessness know about the heinous antics of their partner Kier Construction

“Hi, I am calling to ask if End Youth Homelessness are aware that your corporate partner, Kier Construction, are building a mega prison in Wellingborough where over 1000 will be incarcerated. The Criminal Justice system targets people without shelter, often leading to imprisonment. Many are also homeless after release. Is this a company you want to be working with? You should end this partnership, now.”

3) Tweet End Youth Homelessness

Sample Tweet:

.@EYH_UK your partnership with prison profiteer @KierGroup is hypocritical – Kier builds prisons which create homelessness! End your partnership, now! #NewYearNoKier

Image Description: A prison construction site is overlaid on a light purple background. An orange to yellow gradient “painted on” effect rectangle is positioned in the centre, with black text reading “No more carceral charities with insincere goals! No more prison profiteer public relations stunts!” on top. A red box with #NewYearNoKier is in the right corner