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  1. OBJECT to plans to build a mega prison in Buckinghamshire. The consultation closes on 29th January. Find a link to the consultation here and ideas for objections here Remember – you don’t have to give your personal details to comment on this consultation

Actions against Kier Construction, contracted to build the Mega Prison in Wellingborough:

2. PHONE ACTION: Call John Edwards 0176 764011

Sample script: Hello John, I am calling today because I am deeply concerned about Kier’s shameful actions during Covid and beyond. There will be more Covid outbreaks on Kier sites if the company pushes ahead with prison construction, gentrification, military infrastructure development, bio science animal abuse and environmentally damaging infrastructure development. You must put the health and safety of workers and communities first, by stopping construction work that puts workers’ lives at risk during a pandemic, and ending Kier’s projects that will undoubtedly cause untold harm to our society and planet”

3.EMAIL ACTION: Tell Kier’s director of safety: Your Response to Covid-19 is shameful

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OR you can copy & paste this sample email:

Dear John,

I am writing today in opposition to Kier Construction’s shameful actions during Covid-19, and beyond. As Kier’s director of Safety, Health, and Environment, the health and safety of Kier workers is your responsibility. During an unprecedented pandemic that has so far led to millions of deaths worldwide, Kier cut 6500 workers’ pay by 7.5% to 20% for three months from 1 April 2020. Kier did not put workers back on furlough, but instead kept construction at most Kier sites going. Keeping workers furloughed in April would have allowed them to safely stay home and isolate from the pandemic, while receiving a life-sustaining income (albeit 100% of wages would be better). Instead, 6500 people had to continue to work in increasingly dangerous conditions, simply with reduced salaries. There will be more Covid-19 outbreaks at Kier construction sites if you and the rest of the corporation choose to continue along this dangerous path.

I am aware that Kier has worked with the ministry of “justice” for over 16 years, and I find it unconscionable that Kier Group and its investors continue to profit off of the incarceration of vulnerable people, and has responded completely inadequately to this pandemic. This is an opportunity to change tack and champion health, safety and the conditions of those working for Kier and those impacted by Kier’s construction projects.

For decades, Kier has pushed forward gentrification, bioscience animal abuse, environmentally damaging infrastructure development, prison construction and military infrastructure. Over the past few years, Kier’s finances have taken a heavy hit, as I am sure you are aware. It is evident that these dangerous and dehumanising industries are no longer profitable. There has been mass opposition to Kier’s HS2 project, as well as Kier’s attempts to construct a new mega-prison in Wellingborough.

The people of conscience resisting these projects are right to stand up and defend their fellow community members and the environment, and they will not back down any time soon.

Prison construction should not continue during Covid-19. Prison construction should not continue at all. Prisons do not address harm. Prisons cause more harm, largely to communities already facing state repression and marginalisation: Black, Indigenous and other people of colour, LGBTQIA2S+ communities, people with disabilities, sex workers, victims and survivors of sexual violence,those who are poor and/or unsheltered and all those whose identities and experiences are interwoven in numerous ways.

I am calling on you to use your power as Kier’s Director of Health, Safety and Environment to put the health and safety of workers and communities first, by stopping construction work that puts workers’ lives at risk during a pandemic, and ending Kier’s projects that will undoubtedly cause untold harms to our society and our planet.


4. EMAIL ACTION: Tell Andrew Ernest, Managing Director at Kier to stop building HMP Five Wells.

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OR you can copy & paste this sample email:

Dear Andrew,

I am writing today in resolute opposition to the new mega-prison you are trying to build in Wellingborough, HMP Five Wells. Your role as Managing Director – Strategic Framework and Alliances at Kier Construction makes you responsible for Kier’s custodial sector, head of the division developing the new prison in Wellingborough. You are therefore directly responsible for further entrenching the prison industrial complex in the UK. You and your fellow Kier executives have consistently put profits over people during and beyond your ongoing sixteen year relationship with the Ministry of Justice. This violence must end.

Building HMP Five Wells will lock over 1600 people in cages. Incarceration is white supremacist state violence. Black and Brown people are between 53 and 81% more likely to receive a prison sentence than white people due to racist sentencing across the United Kingdom. People with disabilities, LGBTQIA2S+ people, poor and unsheltered people and survivors of domestic and sexual violence are all disproportionately represented in the incarcerated population. Incarceration intensifies the violence of capitalism and colonialism facing these communities.

The local community of Wellingborough, like all communities across the country, desperately needs funding for holistic and community-based healing resources, education, public space, health care (including trauma-informed mental health support and addiction services), and other infrastructure, not mass incarceration. Prisons do not stop societal harm – they further it. More violence does not stop violence. We need caring, transformative justice based responses to addressing harm caused.

Need I also remind you of Kier’s struggling finances? Prison construction is not helping the floundering corporation you work for. If the moral argument to stop HMP Five Wells construction does not resonate with you, then at least consider Kier’s abysmal financials. Building prisons has clearly not led to the profits you were hoping for, and your best bet at this point is to cut your losses and pull out of the project. I urge you to do this promptly, or only face further mass opposition to your evil infrastructure development.


5. EMAIL & PHONE ACTION: Demand that charity “End Youth Homelessness” End their partnership with Kier Construction

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