New Secure Colleges Campaign website

prison-553836_1920_gkks8tA new campaign has been launched to oppose Secure Colleges, children’s prisons to hold more than 320 young people at one time.

Visit the site here:

About Secure Colleges

The Criminal Justice and Courts Act, introduced under the Coalition government and set to be accelerated under a Conservative one, seeks to make youth offending services more ‘cost effective’, with a lower rate of re-offending amongst children held inside, by ‘streamlining’ multiple youth offending services and creating ‘secure colleges’.
These will be large prisons for 12-17 year olds, with three proposed across the UK. Inside the prison, more hours a day will be spent on training and education, in a bid to prevent re-offending by helping the children inside more employable.
The first of these is to be built on the site of Glen Parva prison in Leicestershire.