HMP Bronzefield: Too little, too late. Resist the prison estate!

On 27th September, a new-born baby died in the UK’s largest woman’s prison HMP Bronzefield, after the child’s mother gave birth alone in her cell. Join us to protest this shocking, if not surprising consequence of our violent criminal “justice” system.

It’s a system that imprisons and punishes survivors of domestic and sexual violence; and particularly those who are working class and/or Black or Brown. It’s a system that enables neglect and abuse towards those supposedly in its care. It’s a system that locks pregnant women in cages and punishes a new-born baby with death. And all the while the government and private companies are making a profit from this misery; companies like Serco, Sodexo, G4S and Kier.

Join us to protest this tragedy, and the violence that is embedded at the very core of the UK’s prison and detention systems. The 10 separate investigations into the death of this child are insufficient – a tokenistic insult that’s seeking to cover up the inherent violence of incarceration and criminalisation.

We demand justice: not in the form of prisons, detention centres, or “Women’s residential centres” – the new government doublespeak for prisons – but through investment in care in our communities.

We do not know what this child would have been called, but we mourn them and all others murdered inside the prison estate. We won’t forgive or forget.

Date: Friday 18th October

Time: 8am

Location: Central London, Details TBC

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