Halt prison building now! Defund the Prison Estate Transformation Program!

In solidarity with global Black Lives Matter uprisings against white supremacy, with recognition of the connections between the prison industrial complex, racial capitalism and the racist killer cops murdering black people around the world, add your name or organisation name to this petition that demands the Ministry of “Justice” defund its mass incarceration project, The Prison Estates Transformation Programme.

Additional information

  • An inadequate partial release scheme was halted, and only 81 people were released, despite Public Health England recommending the release of 15,000 people. Over 85,000 repressed and oppressed people remain incarcerated, unable to protect themselves from the virus.
  • Construction of the Wellingborough mega-prison has continued despite the pandemic, putting workers and people impacted by mass incarceration at risk.
  • Medway Secure Training Centre was temporarily closed to prepare for its rebranding as a “Secure School”, a new form of children’s prison. The young people inside were transferred to new institutions and incarcerated adults from around the country were temporarily moved into the vacant site, when non-essential travel is unsafe. ‘Essential travel’ would have meant releasing people to their communities, as this is necessary to prevent further Covid-19 deaths, something shuffling people between prisons fails to do.