Get Involved

As an Individual

  • Get in touch with CAPE about how to best use your skills: You may be a social media expert, graphic designer, researcher, film maker and so forth – anything you can offer will be a huge help to this grassroots campaign network.

Organising with Others

megaphone-clip-art-megaphone2_Clip_ArtStart a local group in your area to campaign against prison expansion. You can see existing local groups here. CAPE can support you to get started.

Things you can do as a group:

  • Organise public meetings and events in your area
  • Demonstrate at the offices of companies profiting from prison expansion, especially the North Wales Prison
  • Organise fundraising events & activities
  • Organise transport and encourage people to get to national demos and actions against prison expansion, such as the regular demonstrations at Detention Centres
  • Undertake actions as a group, think creatively and be inspired by campaigns around the world. For example in Brussels, they occupied a site where the state want to build a ‘Maxi-prison’ and planted potatoes. They have done extensive actions against the project since and effectively halted it.