Get Involved

The current pandemic has sadly forced CAPE to stop taking on new members. We would still love to hear from you if you want to get involved, and when the situation calms down we will arrange some induction sessions. For now stay safe and keep an eye on our website and social media to help with any online actions that happen.

As an Individual

  • Get in touch with CAPE about how to best use your skills: You may be a social media expert, graphic designer, researcher, film maker and so forth – anything you can offer will be a huge help to this grassroots campaign network.

Organising with Others

megaphone-clip-art-megaphone2_Clip_ArtStart a local group in your area to campaign against prison expansion. You can see existing local groups here. CAPE can support you to get started.

Things you can do as a group:

  • Organise public meetings and events in your area
  • Demonstrate at the offices of companies profiting from prison expansion, especially the North Wales Prison
  • Organise fundraising events & activities
  • Organise transport and encourage people to get to national demos and actions against prison expansion, such as the regular demonstrations at Detention Centres
  • Undertake actions as a group, think creatively and be inspired by campaigns around the world. For example in Brussels, they occupied a site where the state want to build a ‘Maxi-prison’ and planted potatoes. They have done extensive actions against the project since and effectively halted it.