The Prisons

HMP Glen Parva

Overview HMP Glen Parva was the second prison announced for replacement with a mega-prison. Documentation for the planning application can […]

HMP Wellingborough

Overview Wellingborough was the first location announced by the government in November 2016. By Christmas Eve, the planning application had […]

East Yorkshire Mega-Prison

Overview The state announced plans for a new mega-prison in Full Sutton in East Yorkshire in March 201711. The planning […]

HMP Glasgow

Overview A new mega-prison is to be built in Glasgow after an announcement that HMP Barlinnie is being put up […]

Children’s Prisons

Overview The Government has announced its plans to create a new ‘Secure School’ that will lock up children aged 12-17 […]

Nigeria Prison

Overview The British government announced in March 2018 its intention to build a new prison wing in Nigeria. The 112-bed […]

Non-Binary Prison, Scotland

Overview The Scottish government is considering building a new prison to hold people of non-binary gender. As part of our […]

HMP Highland

Overview The newest prison project started by the Scottish government is HMP Highland. The £66 million prison is to be […]

Women’s Prisons, Scotland

Overview The Scottish Prison Service (SPS) is undertaking two projects in redesigning the women’s prison estate. One is bulldozing HMP […]