Bala residents call for town name to be removed from new Wrexham prison wing


Petition launched asking Governor of HMP Berwyn to scrap the name from the £212m jail

View of the Bala houseblock interior at HM Prison Berwyn

A petition has been launched calling on the governors of the new prison in Wrexham to scrap the name “Bala” currently being used for one of its wings.

HMP Berwyn opened last month and will hold 2,100 prisoners at maximum capacity.

The naming of one of the wings as ‘Bala’ has caused outrage in the Gwynedd town – but the Ministry of Justice has said the name was chosen by prison staff.

Bala Town Council has said it was not consulted about the name, which is displayed at a reception desk on a sign which includes a picture of the lake, Llyn Tegid.

Councillor Dilwyn Morgan said: “None of the locals knew of it.

“Naming it Berwyn was quite odd in the first place but calling the wing that has already been opened as ‘Bala’ sits very uncomfortably with me.”

The online petition has 146 supporters as of 8.30am on Thursday and states: “This petition calls on Russ Trent, Governor of HM Prison Berwyn to remove the name of one of the prison wings from ‘Bala’.”